30th Reunion Interest Survey

Wow!  Nearly 30 years have passed us by since our time at MHS.  The class officers would like to gauge your interest in a 30th reunion.  We'd appreciate both your participation and forwarding to any classmates not already registered on the class site.

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1)   We are planning a 30th reunion--are you interested in attending?

Yes No
Yes means seeing people and catching up... No means having to rely on Facebook. Is this really a question? Of course you're planning to attend!
2)   If you are interested, what type/style of reunion are you most likely to attend?

  Casual/Reception Hall (Finger foods, relaxed atmosphere)
  More formal sit-down dinner (banquet hall)
  Picnic/BBQ at a park
  Other - what would you envision as a perfect reunion event?
3)   Price - is there a per person cost that you would be willing to pay to attend?

  Less than $20 per person (Free would be better)
  $20-$40 per person
  $40 or more (Money is not an object!)

We want to maximize attendance, but also have enough to cover some food, rentals, etc.
4)   In which month do you prefer the reunion held?

5)   Would you be willing to help out with organization, advanced planning, day-of preparations?

  Yes (add name & let us know how you'd like to help)
  No Thanks
6)   Comments? Let us know what's on your mind.

Other reunion related details or ideas? Examples - joining with MHS 88,90 or Lakeland; adding other reunion weekend activities (MHS tour, Friday downtown Milford get together)