20th Event Photos


7/24 - MHS Building Tours

Thanks to Brian Salyers for being a great host!


Lynnetta Baker & Aubrey Rock, Bryan Kastl, Frank Morgan, Scott Horst, and Brian Salyers - 4:30pm tour


Tom Ascencio & Family, Mike Bialecki, Shane Quinlan, Brian Salyers, Nancy Nielsen, John & Robin Dickey, Dave & Jennifer (Fischer) Finger, Kathy Garchow, Tom Carney, and Carrie (Wisner) Nowakowski - 6:00pm tour


7/24 - Red Dog Saloon

A great way to kick-off the weekend!


Jeff Ruth, Mike Bialecki, Ericka (Campbell) Loewe, and Scott Horst

Brian Salyers and Jeff Irish


Jim Pixley, Brian Brown, Denise (Comis) Nole, & John Dickey. (Joel Westerdale and Hillary Christopher in the background)


Michelle (Winzloff) Pigeon & Tara (Sexton) Robinson

Unknown (but happy!), Michel (Bourget) & Todd Porter, unknown, Dave Caldwell (class 1990), and unknown.


7/26 - Brunch at Baker's 

Pam (Pelzel) Ross, Molly (McKeough) Austin, Michelle (Winzloff) Pigeon, Kelly (Burklund) & Jamie Carey, Mike Bialecki & Nikki Plaster, Joe & Nancy Salvia, Lisa (Kotas) & John Miller, Dave Tunney, Lorena Litton, Scott & Heather Horst, and Jeff Ruth.  The few, the proud, the ones who could somehow wake up on Sunday!