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10/28/08 09:50 PM #1    

Scott Horst

Welcome to the Milford High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/23/08 08:40 AM #2    

Tanja Scholz (Scalf)

Took my kids to swim at the school . . . WOW does it look different! Doesn't even look like the same place from the outside. Just went to the pool area inside, wonder if the old halls have changed as much as the outside? When did they change the mascot to the Mavericks? Seems weird that they aren't the Redskins anymore. Also, noticed that the wall was gone!


12/24/08 08:39 PM #3    

Dennis Stevenson

I felt the same way! All the things I loved about the old school was gone. I had heard that they changed to the Milford Mavericks because the Redskins were not politically correct... I was disappointed to hear of the change.

I stumbled onto this site and was very happy to see something was up! Thanks to Scott and to those nameless others who may have helped out.

I went to my wife's class reunion this past summer and it was a kick to have both Milford and Lakeland classes across the hall from one another. It worked out great since I knew so many from both schools. I hope we do something similar.

01/07/09 12:10 AM #4    

Jeff Ruth

Hey Dennis, That's not a bad idea about reunions being close by like with Lakeland...and I know more than a few people that will want to crash the other's party even if they aren't next to each other! And we all thought that Lakeland and Milford were rivals, huh? Hey, add my disappointment at the fate of the tennis courts to everyone's disappointment about the wall. What will future classes be able to paint now?

01/10/09 09:21 PM #5    

Jennifer Metzner (Vivekanand)

I have driven past MHS...and it does look like a different school! I guess no one wants to see things change...reminds us that life goes on...:)

01/14/09 12:24 PM #6    

Tanja Scholz (Scalf)

My husband just got the information for his reunion, he graduated from Walled Lake Central in '89, and they are having it at 59 West on the same night! That is great news for us, only need to get a sitter for one night and can go to both parties since they are at the same location, so I guess I will be attending. It should be fun since I know people from both schools.

01/15/09 08:11 PM #7    

Colleen Noell (Heilman)

The site is great.
Thank you to everyone who put in the time and effort to put together such a wonderful and informative site.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion

01/28/09 09:50 PM #8    

Scott Horst

As a matter of policy & consistency, please note that this Message Board is intended for reconnecting with old friends, and making new ones as well. The reunion committee of MHS 1989 welcomes and encourages the sharing of memories and stories from all MHS 1989 Alumni, as well as the latest updates in your lives. Please use discretion when posting messages. Vulgarity, personal attacks, political and religious messages, as well as abusive and anonymous posts will be removed. Abuse this privilege and you will be denied future access to this site.

01/29/09 09:59 PM #9    

Michael Bialecki

Hey All,
I notice the 20 year reunion includes a "'Pub Crawl' among the bars and taverns of downtown Milford." It's been quite some time since I've been back to Milford. Other than the Red Dog Saloon, I didn't realize it had MULTIPLE Pubs and Taverns. Has my little Milford grown so much? What other pubs/bars/taverns does it have now?


01/31/09 09:15 PM #10    

Dennis Stevenson

Milford has not really grown in size, but the stores and restaurants are far more substantial.

Fine dining has become the standard, Appiteaser has become an great Italian restaurant and there is a great wine shoppe/diner.

01/31/09 09:46 PM #11    

Jennifer Metzner (Vivekanand)

I will have to check out Appeteaser's. I worked there as a lowly table busser in high school. They had some rockin' chocolate mousse bars back in the day. :)

02/02/09 12:21 AM #12    

Michael Bialecki

Hey Dennis,

Did you mean Appeteaser changed their food to Italian, or that it has been replaced by an Italian restaurant?

Also is Jimmy and Hector's still around? I initially forgot about that one.

02/02/09 10:37 AM #13    

Dennis Stevenson

I don't know if they are under new management or anything but it's no longer Appeteaser. Hector and Jimmy's is around (and a bit bigger) and they have a sibling restaurant. I believe Lu & Ruby's is owned by the H&J guys too.

If you have not been back to Milford since I saw you last at Evie's birthday party then a lot has changed.

02/11/09 05:53 PM #14    

Lisa Kotas (Miller)

Mike and Dennis- H and J's is still in town and Jimmy also owns "the Bar" and "Gravity" which is a little upscale. We also have the "Rack Room", "o'callaghan's", "Milford House', has really changed our little town- we are kinda a mini Royal Oak.

02/13/09 03:31 AM #15    

Michael Bialecki

Does Milford have a microbrewery and brew-pub?

02/15/09 06:13 PM #16    

Dennis Stevenson

No, I think the nearest one is in Commerce Twp.

03/05/09 09:14 PM #17    

Kathy Russell (Suender)

Hi Mike,
About your Appetiser question. The owner go busted for drugs and had to sell all of his bars in the area. It has a totally new owner now.

03/10/09 06:29 AM #18    

Dennis Stevenson

HA! I knew that was going to happen eventually.
Just waiting on one more Highland/Milford Icon to get busted and all those rumors will prove true =D

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