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Travis Miller

Travis Miller

Travis Miller was/is my brother, I still miss him dearly. He was killed as a passenger in a car accident that occurred in Arizona while he was a student at ASU. He was on his way to help another friend set up a new computer, the driver became disoriented (at night in a construction zone), veered into the wrong lane. Sadly, she was also killed. State law on marking construction zones was ultimately changed as a result of the accident. At ASU he was flight training and well on his way to a commercial pilot license. He was an excellent pilot. He quickly became a fluent speaker of Japanese while at ASU, and in his studies there, met the love of his life Aiko. They were a perfect match, had planned on marrying. I get some comfort these days knowing how happy he was before his death. He had found his absolute perfect place in life, a true love, had many many friends here and across the world. He loved life, loved people, and lived every second to the fullest. Can only imagine the things he would have accomplished, the lives he would have touched, but alas am grateful he had achieved so much in his short time here. He was truly happy and always kept true to his unique nature. Those that knew my brother know he was truly unique, and for that people often tried to change him. Ultimitely though, through his generosity, humor, and free spirit, he forever changed those around him for the better, left the world a better place. Love you brother, -Steve Miller

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12/08/08 02:46 AM #1    

Michael Chipps

I remember during my senior year we'd go to Pontiac Airport, rent something small like a Piper Cub airplane, and go flying for hours. Travis had his pilots license and would take his buddies up flying all the time. Sometimes it would scare the shit out of me when he would dive and we'd be weightless! Hehehe :)

Travis was far to young to have already passed. I miss him. :(

12/23/08 09:05 AM #2    

Tanja Scholz (Scalf)

So sorry to hear about Travis' passing. I didn't know him well, but it seems like I have known him forever!

07/30/09 05:45 PM #3    

Catherine Cirefice

I can not believe he is gone. It seems impossible.
I lost my oldest brother Mario back in february 2007 and that still seems impossible. He will be missed.
I remember him very well.

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