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03/18/09 11:31 AM #19    

Michael Bialecki

Hey Kathy...

That's a shame. However, I must admit, my only real memory of Appeteaser's is when my mom tried to take me there when it first opened. All I wanted was a coney dog, but what I got was some fancy sausage in half a loaf of crusty french bread drizzled with real chili instead of the awesome processed stuff I was expecting. I didn't eat very much of it, so they sent me home with the rest wrapped up in foil shaped like a swan. I was thoroughly annoyed and unimpressed.

03/24/09 11:34 AM #20    

Michael Chipps

Haha! I just read the updated reunion info and saw that people will be meeting at Bakers Of Milford on Sunday. That's where I work. I've been cooking for the last 20 years and have spent the last 6 years at Bakers. I know I'll be stuck working that day because during the summer we have car shows every Sunday.....And they're CRAZY BUSY!

03/27/09 02:28 PM #21    

Michael Bialecki


Hmmmmmmm...... Seems like an all too convenient way to avenge yourself of past wrong-doings by fellow classmates. We got along pretty well in high school, right? I'm going to enjoy my food at Baker's, right?

03/28/09 09:49 AM #22    

Dennis Stevenson

Updated reunion info? Where's that at?

04/16/09 07:23 PM #23    

Tim Shaw

It sure is amazing to drive by the school and see the changes.Idont get out that way too often,but I here it has a pool.(wow) the closest thing we had to a pool is when the toilet overflowed.I always tell my kids ,you guys dont know how well you have it,compared to what we had.I hope everybody is doing well and staying healthy.Its nice to see everyones kids,but it sure makes me feel old(fourty is right around the corner.that sucks)Ive only seen a handful of my class but i hope to make the 20 year reunion.take care

05/01/09 03:29 AM #24    

John Dickey

Top 100 One-Hit Wonders of the 80s on VH1

possible appearances at 59 West, May 25?--top 3 (plus 4th)

1. Come on Eileen (Dexy's Midnight Runners, 1982) best wedding reception song ever
2. I Ran (Flock of Seagulls, 1982) best hair ever
3. Take on Me (A-Ha, 1985) best video ever

Tommy Tutone got 4th 867-5309/Jenny (1982)

05/04/09 01:09 PM #25    

Michael Bialecki

I don't care what VH1 says, "Safety Dance" will always be my favorite 80s song and video.

05/20/09 07:23 AM #26    

Dennis Stevenson

Michael, you killed the forums with your Safety Dance post! Nobody knew how to respond to it =D

05/20/09 07:47 PM #27    

Michael Bialecki

Hey Dennis,
Men Without Hats is definitely a tough act to follow, but I'm pretty a post did follow inquiring about the Pub Crawl. However, it seems to have disappeared. Does anybody know the status of this event? I'm rather looking forward to it.


06/03/09 09:44 AM #28    

John Dickey

This Day in 1989 [it was a Saturday] Tiananmen Square Massacre: “Several hundred civilians have been shot dead by the Chinese army during a bloody military operation to crush a democratic protest in Peking's (Beijing) Tiananmen Square.” [BBC] Nine people were sucked to their death when part of a United Airlines Boeing 747 fuselage came apart over the sea 20 minutes from takeoff from Honolulu. Billboard #1 Week of May 28 – June 3 1989 Rock On, Michael Damian for teen flick, Dream a Little Dream- Rock On [originally Dave Essex’s tune, 1973] The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros play the longest game in National League history. The week in business: The dollar plummeted in a surprisingly sharp reaction to the weaker-than-expected report on U.S. employment in May. The dollar fell by almost four pfennigs against the West German mark and by two Japanese yen. Stock prices set a post-crash high in a surge stimulated by employment data. The Dow Jones industrial average jumped 27.20 points to 2,517.83. The gain for the week was 24.06 points. [NYTimes]

06/04/09 09:42 PM #29    

John Dickey

Safety Dance it is, Mike. And better than what happened on June 3 in 1989--I found a bit of some history behind anyone who had an X-Wing by age seven. You can still vote that IV, V and VI still reign.

06/08/09 11:59 AM #30    

Michael Bialecki

Hey John,

IV and V still reign. VI was already an evolutionary step towards Jar-Jar Binks. And the whole "Greedo Shoots First" fiasco was a clear illustration of Lucas's growing need to pander to the Teletubby crowd.


06/08/09 09:56 PM #31    

John Dickey

I'm with you on the devo to Jar-Jar. Just trying to prolong the dream...

06/18/09 08:14 PM #32    

Tanja Scholz (Scalf)

Just saw your "Safety Dance" post. Enjoyed the music Mike, thanks for the entertainment. 80's music was so much fun!

06/19/09 06:31 AM #33    

Dennis Stevenson

Yea, they certainly don't make 'em like they used to.
I swore up and down I would never become an old man and gripe about the music today, but It's hard not to.

07/12/09 08:53 PM #34    

Paul Jones

"o'callaghan's" i think is closed. We have MVP and the comeback inn out by the high school and about 8 bars in town most are owned by the same people. there are alot to choose from but no micro brews. mvp and the comeback inn are the best two.

07/26/09 10:08 AM #35    

Brian Brown

had an awesome time last night with everyone that attended the reunion. to the ones that didn't attend hope we can get in touch

07/26/09 11:21 AM #36    

Dennis Stevenson

I'm so disappointed I couldn't go. I spoke with Joe Gruber and David Caswell some, and it was nice to catch up a little. I really wish at the least I took some time to head up there and hang out at the bar.

07/26/09 11:53 AM #37    

Andrew Daul

It sure was great to see so many faces (and name tags) I couldn't stay long but glad to have made it. I must say the girls of 89 still got it going on. peace and love, see ya next time.

07/26/09 03:58 PM #38    

Michael Chipps

It was like stepping into a time machine. I didn't make the 10 year reunion, so the only memories I had of everyone were from 89'. It was an experience to see everyone grown into adults. I still feel like I'm 21 years old though. I hope we all do. Eat good, exercise and make it to the 30th!! I wish you all well :)

07/26/09 05:30 PM #39    

Joe Salvia

Fantastic 20 year reunion! Thanks to all for participating and attending!!

07/26/09 10:53 PM #40    

Bruce Hunt

Had a great time last night. I wish the night lasted a little linger so I could have connected with some more people. Anyway - it was a blast!

07/26/09 11:53 PM #41    

Jenni Purol (Wittrock)

I had a great time at the reunion Friday and Saturday night. So glad that I decided to attend. (My 1st reunion) I especially enjoyed seeing my classmates from Johnson Elementary/Muir. What fun lasting memories we have! Wish I could have talked to more of you, but the time just seemed to fly by. Hopefully I'll see more of you guys in passing the next 10 years. If not, see you at the 30th. Wow! Can't believe we will be almost 50 by then.
Take care everyone...Fondly, Jenni Purol/Wittrock***

07/27/09 10:28 AM #42    

Kim Ollar (Rose)

Thank you for all of the work put into planning the weekend. I had a great time. It was nice to see old friends and catch up. I really enjoyed talking to people that I didn't know in high school. It was interesting to see how people have changed over the years. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the next one!
Kim Ollar(Rose)

07/27/09 12:31 PM #43    

Diane Moon (Russom)

Thank you to everyone involved in putting together our reunion! It was wonderful! Can't wait for the next one! Those who didn't make it missed a great time!

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